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An emergency assistance plan eap or contingency plan is a prerequisite for the successful rescue of an injured diver. Most of the cargo remained within the ship, the major exception being the steam locomotives from the deck cargo which. Emperor divers newsletter overnight thistlegorm trip. Vplanner is a decompression program that uses the varying permeability model for decompression profiles. Thistlegorm seen through a gopro hero 3 black edition by. With multiproject analysis, critical path planning, resource management and risk analysis, open plan caters to the differing needs of business, resource and project managers. Attacking without warning, they targeted the thistlegorm as one of the largest ships in the convoy and dropped their payloads. I spend a lot of money on subsurface from silly things like domain names and certificates to the infrastructure including the free cloud storage but none of us make any money from it. All briefing information, including dive site description, tours and hostpots are provided by our trusted regional partner dive instructors. Enterprise project management epm software deltek open.

You can still see these locomotives on the sea bed beside the wreck when you are diving thistlegorm. Using a gopro abyss rig mounted to an underwater scooter, let the diver guide you around the wreck to see all the main features including the cargo of railway carriages on the forward deck, the broken field of debris where the explosion took place and finally the guns mounted onto the stern. The ss thistlegorm is arguably one of the greatest wrecks to dive in the world. Stanwood stella hmas swan uss tarpon thesis thistlegorm toa maru torrey canyon sas transvaal.

The 125m long british army freighter sank after just 18 months of her launch in april 1940. Dive planning is the process of planning an underwater diving operation. The thistlegorm project is an ongoing underwater archaeological survey project recording the remains of the ss thistlegorm in the red sea using cutting edge digital techniques, to raise awareness of the wreck and to help ensure it preservation for future generations. Ocean maps offers the worlds first interactive underwater sonar maps of dive sites in 3d for scuba divers and snorkelers. We display the main hostpots and recommended tours on each dive card to help you with planning and preparation. The 415foot steamship was driven by a tripleexpansion threecylinder engine with 1,850 horsepower. Red sea scuba diving by ocean maps for ios free download. Described as one of the best dive sites in the entire red sea. The lodge manager checks with dive instructor and skipper to ensure all divers are accounted for post dive checklist to be signed by divers after dive. The art of dive planning professional association of. By the end of the photogrammetry survey a total of 12 dives were logged and a total.

The ss thistlegorm is a world war 2 ship wreck located in the north of red sea in the strait of gubal. For thistlegorm you should have a minimum of 20 logged dives. The ss thistlegorm is a 125 m 415 feet long wreck sunk in world war ii in the red sea in the strait of gubal. The wreck is in a remote location, the dives are deep, bottom times are long, and the bulk of the dive time is spent exploring the dark, cramped interior of the ship. With so much to explore you should plan a minimum of 2 dives, the first one is a complete overview and the second a penetrating one. Virtual tour of second world war shipwreck goes online. Wreck diving to ss thistlegorm from hurghada outdoortrip. The plan was to go through the suez canal to alexandria quite a detour, bur far preferable to fighting the germans at malta. When to go it is possible to dive this site in egypt all year long as the annual water temperature ranges between 2228c7682f. The thistlegorm offers divers a unique blend of historical value and aquatic life at a depth that can be easily reached by most divers. Your itinerary may vary slightly from centre to centre but wherever you choose, emperors first class guides, boats and crew will make it a fantastic experience.

Most good dive centres do it but beware it will be a 4 am pick up from the hotel because it is a 4 hour or so boat ride to get there. The bomb and the explosion of some of the ammunition stored in hold 4 led to the sinking of the thistlegorm with the loss of four sailors and five members of the royal navy gun crew. Ss thistlegorm wreck, egypt the ss thistlegorm is one of the most famous wrecks for a good reason. Current can sometimes be quite strong on this spot and can make the dive quite challenging. Incredible local dive sites and the world class fish schooling event at ras. Thistlegorm wreck, diving site between sharm and dahab.

Bringing the sunken secrets of wwii to the surface. Thistlegorm wreck on the 6th of october, 1941, the english freighter, thistlegorm, sunk 30 meters after being bombed by the germans. Dive magazine is the worlds premium diving magazine visit us at uk. The wreck is in a good condition and loads of different vehicles, weapons and so on can be explored. Combined with smartphone diving case, it shows your realtime depth, time and. She was sunk on 6 october 1941 in the thistlegorm seen through a gopro hero 3 black edition by mercury diving productions. Better plan ahead the emergency assistance plan eap or contingency plan an emergency assistance plan eap or contingency plan is a prerequisite for the successful rescue of an injured diver. Decoplanner 3 also comes bundled with gues divelog software. Rich and detailed interface is designed for better sharing to your social networks. But a collision between two vessels in the suez canal meant that no ships were able to pass, and the thistlegorm was ordered to moor up at one of the safe anchorages off the southern tip of the sinai peninsula.

The sinking of the ss thistlegorm scuba diver life. The ship was owned and operated by the albyn line, part of the companys socalled thistle ships all named after scotlands national flower. Thistlegorm is one of the top dive sites in the world that provides an exploration of history frozen in time under water. The view which greets many of the divers as they descend on the worlds most loved wreck denis zorzin. Although the maximum depth is 31 meters, it is not a difficult dive. The severity of consequence identified by the hazard analysis establishes the criticality level of the software. A dive liveaboard to the ss thistlegorm, one of the worlds most famous shipwrecks resting in around 2030 meters of water should definitley be on any divers must dive list in the red sea. Din 7876 is a german standard specifying how swimming fins should be dimensioned, tested and marked for conformity. Boat trip to thistlegorm tiran day trips are 3 dives 2 on the wreck first dive outside the wreck, second dive inside bring a torch plus a 3rd at ras mohammed on the way back, beginning at 3 am in dahab and coming back at 7 pm. Thistlegorm projects coordinator jon henderson is a marine archaeologist at the uks university of nottingham. Try it out and go dive a wreck with suunto eon steel, the fully customizable dive computer with a bright color screen. This includes immediate onsite first aid and emergency treatment as well as the fastest possible transport to the closest and most adequate medical. This includes immediate onsite first aid and emergency treatment as well as the fastest possible transport to the closest and most adequate medical facility. How to dive the most famous shipwreck of the world, the.

The thistlegorm was carrying cargo for the war effort in north egypt, and every dive is a visit to an underwater museum, a place in time where the clocks stopped. The thistlegorm rests upright on an even keel and despite extensive damage aft of the bridge, the main section and the hold 1 and 2 are undamaged. Ghost ship of thunder bay history documentary reel truth history duration. Scuba diving in thistlegorm, is one of the musts on every divers bucket list. History of the red seas thistlegorm shipwreck scuba diving. You dont need to be a professional or a tech diver to make dive planning part of your routine.

Thistlegorm wreck red sea egypt divers diving center. They might exaggerate but the truth is that this wreck is one of the most popular dive sites of the world. Please write down your email so that we can keep you posted of our new updates. She was sunk on 6 october 1941 near ras muhammad in the red sea and is now a well known diving site. On completion of dive, before returning to shore, the dive captain will do a final headcount once divers on board the boat dan id tag sysytem. After sinking, the thistlegorm lay undisturbed for about 14 years. One of the most famous wrecks in the world ss thistlegorm. The plan was to journey through the suez canal and into alexandria.

Diving thistlegorm one of the best wreck dives in the. The vpmb decompression model is well suited to todays technical diving. The british military had devised a plan known as operation crusader to break the siege and push rommel back, but to do so, it was in urgent need of resupply. Since its discovery it has attracted divers from all over the world. Its a ship wreck from world war two, located in the north of the red. An advanced certification and experience with all the above. It is one of the best wreck dives in the world being within recreational limits and very well preserved. Better plan ahead the emergency assistance plan eap or. Running low on fuel and ordered to return to crete, the two bombers were following the sinai coastline when they stumbled upon the thistlegorm s convoy by accident. The deepest point is the prop, about 32m deep and the shallowest part is only 16m deep.

The thistlegorm project written by original link on oct. The ship was supposed to deliver locomotives to allied forces in egypt during the second world war. Consequence was we had to miss the highlighted plan of the red sea trip the thistlegorm and had to cancel the second wreck dive on the dunraven next day for the same reason, there is no dive school contingency that can allow for this at time of writing. Locomotives, various ammunition and lee enfield rifles, bedford trucks, triumph motorbikes and even airplane wings can still be found in the thistlegorms cavernous holds. British armed merchantman sunk in the red sea at ras muhammad. King snefro liveaboards red sea liveaboards, safari. The software used for this process and to build the 3d model was agisoft. A dive trip to the british supply ship ss thistlegorm requires no small amount of time and effort, but its unquestionably worth it for an opportunity to slip inside this veritable world war ii time capsule, buried by a hailstorm of german bombs in 1941 while en route to deliver her cargo of supplies to allied troops in suez. We schedule boat trips several times per week to the worldrenowned world war ii shipwreck ss thistlegorm, which may be reached in approximately three hours. A new website has been launched which will let people explore the wreck of the ss thistlegorm from the comfort of their home computers and mobile phones. Divers can immediately change any part of their dive plan and instantly recalculate their. Combination of augsept 2012 and oct 2012 outside huge school of jacks and lionfish hunting at the. Best of all dived the wreck at 6am thurs morning 26707. Henderson said until now only divers could explore underwater heritage sites.

It was the 6th of october 1941 when ss thistlegorm was hit. Decompression schedules are drawn up for the planned dive profile before the dive from tables or a program. Software criticality levels range from a to e, corresponding to the severity of catastrophic to no safety effect. When software is involved in a system, the development and design assurance of that software is often governed by do178b. Beyond what could sound boring to you, dive planning is an art that will, of course, bring you more safety, but also satisfaction and enjoyment. To dive the thistlegorm you must be advanced open water qualified due to the depth and difficulty of the dive. She left glasgow in june 1941 carrying locomotives for an egyptian train company and military vehicles and munitions for the allied forces stationed in egypt. Had a weeks diving in the red sea 23707 was lucky enough to dive the thistlegorm including a night dive and found the turtles hiding place. Decompression software can be used to generate tables or schedules matched to a divers planned dive profile and breathing gas mixtures. Take this small guide with you and you wont miss a thing. Ultimate guide to dive the thistlegorm wreck more fun diving.

It is advised that you are aware how to deactivate software and application updates. The local dive masters boast that thistlegorm produces more annual income to the tourism industry than the giza pyramids. The wreck has slowly deteriorated as expected over time however with the increase in divers and boats to the wreck the. Discover over a hundred 3d dive sites in the red sea including worlds. Commercial dive log software has simply a different model behind it. Ras mohammed is a national marine park with 8 world class dive sites. Best guide to diving the ss thistlegorm, red sea, egypt.

Diving the thistlegorm partly due to the presence of many war materials, a dive on the thistlegorm is an unforgettable but impressive experience. In 1980, the deutsches institut fur normung din published consecutively numbered german standards din 7876, din 7877 and din 7878 dedicated respectively to the swimming fin, the diving mask and the breathing tube, which constitute basic underwater diving equipment. Dive plan is a digital decompression table and log book, made using general public information, most compatible with padi, ssi, sdi, naui, navi diving tables, and it is comparable with most of the other current diving organizations and their dive tables. It is also possible and quite easy to penetrate the wreck. The ss thistlegorm wreck is generally classified as one of the best dives in the entire world. Take a virtual 360 degree dive around the site of the s. Dive the world all you need to know about scuba diving the hms thistlegorm, sinai peninsula, egypts red sea. The wreck is one of the most famous dive sites in the world. The ss thistlegorm wreck is one of the best dive sites in the world and is actually considered by many as the best wreck dive in the world. Thistlegorm diving red sea, sinai peninsula dive site. Open plan is an enterpriseclass project management solution that offers the power and flexibility to complete mediumtolarge andor multiple projects on time and on budget. Monty halls dive mysteries s1 e3 monty halls dive mysteries. Vplanner is a decompression program that uses the varying permeability model vpmb for decompression.

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