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Funny atheistsecularreligious memes, jokes, parody and satirical humour. Besides the extensive list of parallels between the bible and the book of mormon, this book examines many other possible sources used to create the text, i. Contradictions in the book of mormon the annotated bible. In some cases, entire passages are duplicated in the book of mormon. But then in the book of mormon the lamanites are cursed with dark skin because of the iniquity of their fathers. What is the difference between the bible and the book of. The book of mormon contains many linguistic similarities to the king james bible kjv. The book of daniel is one of the most profound and even entertaining books of the.

I pray that you search these many contradictions out for yourself so that. Bible, inerrancy of the church of jesus christ of latterday saints. Mormon leaders insist that there are no contradictions in mormonism. Biblical record book of mormon record at the tower of babel the lord confounded the. Biblical contradictions new testament atheist quotes, bible quotes, bible. Contradictions about the contradictions as listed in the sab book by topic a short list in the quran in the book of mormon. Joseph fielding smith, the tenth president of the church, said. The mormon beliefs are clearly shown and easily contradicted by both the bible and the book of mormon.

Were precious things found in great abundance by the nephites in america. Are there contradictions between the book of mormon and the doctrine and. The book of mormon contradicts itself and the bible. The bible isnt the only holy book that contradicts itself. Article citing verses in book of mormon that contradict specific teaching of the bible both cannot be from god. However, a close look at its key book, the book of mormon, reveals many concerning contradictions between its teachings and the bible. I have heard people say this before, but i have read both books and i didnt notice any contradictions. Mormons say joseph smith was a prophet and his writings are scripture. Sometimes the quotation is explicit, as in the second book of nephi, which contains 18 quoted chapters of the book of isaiah other significant connections between the two books include book of mormon words and phrases that only appear in. Then you will find this book useful as a tool for opening the door to such witnessing and to fruitful bible.

If there are differences between the bible and the book of mormon, they reject the bible. The following examples are conspicuous instances of such contradictions. Top 10 embarrassments of the mormon religion listverse. The bible plainly states that the gospel, with its inclusion of gentiles, was not fully revealed until. Contradictions about adam and eve the annotated bible. In the old testament the only ones who could be priests were the descendants of levi, one of the twelve sons of israel. Smith plagiarized 478 verses from the book of isaiah, and 201 are identical to the king james bible. But does their teaching agree with the bible or contradict it. In an introductory section,they write, do you want to share the gospel of jesus christ with mormon relatives, friends, and acquaintances, and with those just getting interested in mormonism. The following examples are some of such contradictions.

Your explanation for each and every contradiction here must have. As one looks to the bible he is struck by many things which testify to its inspiration. All christians are united in what they believe about jesus right. I broke up the book of mormon into 115 sections for a ward activity. The only one i noticed was that in the bible it says jesus was born in bethlehem and in the bom it says he was born in jerusalem. Examining mormonism 7 contradictions with itself youtube. But then the book of hebrews weaves a legal case that argues that jesus is a priest in the line of. The holy bible is the sacred text of jews and christians while the book of mormon is the sacred text of the latterday saints movement. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be. Bible and book of mormon contradictions by sandra tanner. The book of mormon vs the bible and lds doctrine reference chart historical account of the book of mormon vs. Contradictions between the book of mormon and the bible 1.

Bible and book of mormon contradictions by sandra tanner the bible plainly states that the gospel, with its inclusion of gentiles, was not fully revealed until after christs death. Walk to emmaus, road to emmaus, lucas 24, films chretiens, mormon channel. There are specific quotes in the book of mormon that are found in the king james bible and other modern works that joseph smith had access. The book of mormon teaches that the disobedience of adam and eve in eating. Apologetics press the bible versus the book of mormon. And thats how the original version of the gospel of mark ended.

Three simple ways to show contradictions in the mormon belief of. Contradictions between the bible and book of mormon life. Different authors contributed to the writing of the holy bible whereas the book of mormon was first published by one man, joseph smith. The bible the bible teaches that all men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god. Rather than god confusing the language of all the earth at the tower of babel as the bible records genesis 11. The book of mormon teaches one doctrine that leads to the following series of contradictions in regard to the establishment of the church before christ came. Book of mormon memes for those who have actually read the. Atheism, religion, god is imaginary, the bible, contradictions. Careful students of the bible are often puzzled by apparent contradictions and. The passage taken from the book of mormon certainly occurred before christ came to the earth and has been dated by their own book as 147 b. A forum for exmormons and others who have been affected by mormonism to share. If his joseph smiths claims and declarations were built upon fraud and deceit, there would appear many errors and contradictions, which would be easy to detect. Contradictions between the book of mormon and the bible. The book of mormon teaches that black skin is a sign of.

But the bible prophecy concerning the lords birth predicted that the messiah would be born in bethlehem micah 5. The ones that didnt attempted to find contradictions using nonscriptural works, ie. I suspect the reason the book of mormon has this view of faith and knowledge is that the. If this book were truly divinely inspired, it wouldnt have been pieced together from pieces of the books that smith read. In fact there are more lost, altered and changed sections in the book of mormon when you compare the original 1830 book of mormon to the current edition, than the few variant readings in the new testament. This video covers but a few of the many contradiction between the book of mormon and the word of truth, the holy bible. Many people believe the mormon church is simply a denomination or group within christianity.

The book of mormon teaches that little children are not capable of sin because they do not have. What are the key differences between mormonism and christianity. The view of faith in the mormon scriptures differs from the bible. Two books of mormon scripture are the book of mormon and the doctrine and covenants in galatians 1. Contradictions between bible and book of mormon 2 timothy 3.

Here we actually read the scriptures before making memes. The bible is not a book but a collection of 66 books, written over a span of 1600 years across 3 continents, by over 40 writers inspired by god in 3 languages yet it has one primary theme the glory of god and salvat. The asker wanted book of mormon and bible contradictions. Book of mormon contradictions contradict mormon excuses 03292018 by lifeafterministry alma 7. These book of mormon verses should match the inspired jst version instead of the incorrect kjv version that joseph later fixed. The bible and the book of mormon are both witnesses of jesus christ. There are so many little things you notice when you read it with a sincere heart that the critics totally miss. The book of mormon and the king james bible wikipedia. The best thing my parents did was break out of the mormon faith as teenagers and raised me. The official facebook page for the skeptics annotated bible. Filed under atheist funny haha lol meme atheism jesus god religion bible athiest, anti religion.

Contradictions about adam and eve when was eve created. The book of mormon contains numerous passages that contradict what the bible says. Points out the contradictions between the bible and book of mormon as well as errors in translation in the king james version kjv of the bible that were copied into the book of mormon. Journal of discourses, joseph smith history, mormon doctrine etc. Joseph smiths plagiarism of the bible in the book of mormon. Disproves mormonism using the bible, mormon scripture, statistical analysis and common sense.

Book of mormon contradictions contradict mormon excuses. Contradictions between the book of mormon and the holy bible. While these actually prove nothing, because they were taken out of context anyway, they were not what the asker asked. See more ideas about lds quotes, church quotes and inspirational quotes. The book of mormon includes mistranslated biblical passages that were later changed in joseph smiths translation of the bible. Top 20 most damning bible contradictions bob seidensticker. Articles of faith say we are judged on our owns sins. Below are just some of the contradictions weve found between the bible.

Book of mormon memes for those who have actually read the book of mormon. Contradictions in lds scriptures utah lighthouse ministry. The book of mormon teaches that god has flesh and bones and that he has a wife with whom they produce spirit offspring in heaven that will inhabit human bodies on earth. Ces letter mismatches verses here is how the sermon on the mount compares between the kjv bible and book of mormon. But there never was a time when there were not gods and worlds. How can mormons believe that god the father has a body when the bible says god is pure spirit.

Additionally, if any contradictions are found between the bible and the the book of mormon, lds will usually side with the book of mormon. In this video i test mormon doctrine and theology to see if it is consisten with itself, or if it is self contradictory. As noted earlier, the book of mormon contradicts itself on this in ether 3. And all this have they done that they might pervert the right ways of the lord, that they might blind the eyes and harden the hearts of the children of men. See more ideas about book of mormon, lds quotes and book of. The idea is to read the book of mormon out loud in 12 days as a group, rotating readers at each new section. What is the difference between mormon bible and the. Ex mormon, mormon quotes, book of mormon, latter days. Some of them are substantial doctrines that define key doctrines. Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Doctrines of the book of mormon compared to the bible and. And behold, he shall be born of mary, at jerusalem which is the land of our forefathers, she being a virgin, a precious and chosen vessel, who shall be overshadowed and conceive by the power of the holy ghost, and bring forth a son, yea, even. There are many gods polytheism how many gods there are, i do not know. The book of enoch does not contradict the bible, in fact, just the opposite is true as the book of enoch helps to explain the bible.

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