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You may need a pdf reader to view some of the files on this page. Classified information procedures act of 1980 sometimes referred to as graymail law, the classified information procedures act of 1980 stemmed from concern that defendants in certain criminal cases could avoid prosecution if they insisted that the use, and thus the disclosure, of certain classified information was crucial to their defense. Classified information procedures act how is classified. The classified information procedures act cipa 18 u. The classified information procedures act congressional research service 2 secrets privilege is fatal to a particular suit, or merely excludes privileged evidence from further litigation, is a question that is highly dependent upon the specific facts of the case.

Procedures to cover spillage of classified information onto. The district court granted summary judgment to the government, holding that the bia applied the correct standard of proof, 3. The classified information procedures act1 cipa is designed to allow the government to protect sensitive information from disclosure in a criminal prosecution, without thereby impairing the defense of the accused. Security procedures established pursuant to pl 96456, 94 stat.

Cipa is a critical law for national security prosecutions. The act defines agency records subject to disclosure, outlines mandatory disclosure procedures, and defines nine exemptions to the. Classified information procedure act cipa resources. The responsibility for the final selection rests with the superintendent of schools. The united states code is meant to be an organized, logical compilation of the laws passed by congress. Classified information procedures act wikisource, the. Intending to be legally bound, i hereby accept the obligations contained in this agreement in consideration of my being granted access to classified information. The guide provides information about the classified information procedures act cipa, classified information security officers, and secure storage facilities. Sensitive compartmented information facilities conculsion appendix a. For example, this would include a report made by a witness called to testify against the defendant. The state secret protection act is not like the classified. Enacted in 1980, cipa establishes pretrial, trial, and appellate procedures for federal criminal cases in which there is a possibility that classified information may be disclosed.

Classified information procedures act cipa federal. The independent counsel versus the attorney general in a. Jencks material refers to written statements made by a prosecution witness who has testified or may testify. Appendix 3 governs release of classified information in criminal proceedings. Protecting classified information and the rights of. Cipa does not, however, create an evidentiary privilege. Sep 12, 2016 the purpose of this is to implement the security control requirements and outline actions required when responding to electronic spillage of classified national security information classified information onto unclassified information systems or devices. It is usually found in the note section attached to a relevant section of the code, usually under a paragraph identified as the short title. Lack of records there is no record of the cabinet meeting for the accident of f1. The dissemination of such information is controlled under section 148 of the atomic energy act of 1954 pdf icon external icon and it must be protected from release to the general public. If the government believes information is separately or also. Definitions a classified information, as used in this act, means any information or material that has.

The terms code, cipher, and cryptographic system include in. The president executive order 526 national archives. Courts have deemed cipa constitutional in the cases in which it has arisen, but until the recent case of united states v. Concerns about this practice, referred to as graymail, led the 96th congress to enact the classified information procedures act to provide uniform procedures for prosecutions involving classified information. Part 2 of military tribunal transcriptions united states. The executive order prescribes a uniform system for classifying, safeguarding, and declassifying national security information.

Gill for federal criminal defendants or their counsel first caught up in a case involving classified information, it is easy to find the text of the classified information procedures act cipa or the act. It establishes a number of key procedures that facilitate a balance between the fundamental rights of defendants in criminal trials and the governments interests in keeping classified information out of the wrong hands. Implements the security control requirementsoutlines actions required when responding to electronic spillage of classified information onto unclassified information systemsdevices. Sharing of cyber threat indicators and defensive measures by. Prosecutions implicating classified information can vary factually, but an important distinction that may be made among such prosecutions regards whether the defendant already has access to the classified information. This final rule is exempt from administrative procedure act apa noticeandcomment requirements. Overview of classified information procedures act cipa see classified evidence in a court martial. Federal register tennessee valley authority procedures for. For the reasons set forth below, the government requests that the court proceed cautiously through the process of evaluating whether these procedures will be necessary to avoid. It provides a background of the act and discusses its various sections. Classified information procedures act legal definition. In 1980 the classified information procedures act cipa was passed as an attempt to deal with the conflict, especially the problem of graymail. Continued specific authorization destinations russia, india and china 5. Pl 96456 classified information procedures act 3 of 14 17052007 3.

Defendants, on the other hand, contend they applied revised dhs trip procedures that satisfy procedural dueprocess standards. An agreement between and the united states name of individual printed or typed 1. Nazi war crimes disclosure act 69 disclosure of information on japanese imperial government 72 public interest declassification act of 2000, as amended 74 nonnara statutes 80 access to classified information 80 administrative dispute resolution act 80 administrative procedure act 80 americans with disabilities act of 1990 80 antideficiency act. Disposal of classified documents national archives act public records and archives management act. The classified information procedures act cipa sets the balancing point between the governments interest in preventing disclosure of classified information with a criminal defendants right to exculpatory material. Title 18 crimes and criminal procedure appendix 1201 61 classified information procedures act 1 16. Code, the title concerning crimes and criminal procedures.

Classified information procedure act 1980 20080211 en pdf detainee treatment act 2005 20071218 en pdf military commissions act 2006 20071218 en pdf aviation and transportation security act 2001 20071218 en pdf protect america act 2007 20071218 en pdf. Classified information procedures act cipa cipa outlines the relevant procedure that allows the government to protect information pertaining to national security at all the stages of a. This is the first in a series of posts on the classified information procedures act. A bill to amend the classified information procedures act to improve the protection of classified information and for other purposes. At its top level, it divides the world of legislation into fifty topicallyorganized titles, and each title is further subdivided into any number of logical subtopics. Selection of classified staff may involve the superintendent, business administrator, building principal, supervisor for that particular position, andor members of the classified or certificated staff.

We also know that fei has waived its right to a speedy trial. The classified information procedures act congressional research service 5. Marking originally classified information original classification is an initial determination made by an original classification authority oca that. The tennessee valley authority is amending its regulation which contain tvas procedure for the protection of national security classified information. Release, access, and disse mination of classified information must be in accordance with dod 5200 22 r, dod 5220 22 m, and dod 5200 1 r. The classified information procedures act in the age of. Be it enacted by the senate and house of representatives of the united. Surveillance programs can be criminal defense windfall. Classified information procedures act nature of the privilege. Argument it has been recognized by the eleventh circuit that discovery in criminal. Determined that the criminal, and national security divisions, doj, were the most appropriate entities for handling and referred requester to those components foia201200672. A pocket guide for judges on the statesecrets privilege, the classified information procedures act, and court security officers pdf download. Basic laws and authorities of the national archives and.

Mar 31, 2011 this report gives an overview of the classified information procedures act, enacted by the 96th congress, which provides uniform procedures for prosecutions involving classified information. The classified information procedure act permits prosecutors to keep from defendants and the public certain sensitive information, and federal judges must defer to the governments reasonable concerns about national security. An act to provide certain pretrial, trial, and appellate procedures for criminal cases involving classified information. The classified information procedures act or cipa, pub. The information security oversight office isoo, national archives and records administration nara, is publishing this directive as a final rule and pursuant to executive order 526 hereafter the order, relating to classified national security information. Department of transportation office of the secretary. An overview summary when a violation of criminal law potentially implicates sensitive national security concerm, the executive branch may face a dilemma of either declining to prosecute a violation of law or risking disclosure of sensitive material8 during a criminal trial. The executive order prescribes a uniform system for classifying, safeguarding, and. These amendments reflect changes in position titles and addresses.

Protecting classified information and the rights of criminal. Under the privilege, the government can dismiss any charges against it by claiming that important state secrets would be revealed at trial. The term classified information means information which, at the time of a violation of this section, is, for reasons of national security, specifically designated by a united states government agency for limited or restricted dissemination or distribution. If you would like to not see this alert again, please click the do not show me this again check box below. Classified information procedures act federal criminal. The cso is appointed pursuant to the classified information procedures act. Instead, those who classify laws into the code typically leave a note explaining how a particular law has been classified into the code. Jul, 2009 supporters of the state secret protection act h. Spillage of classified information onto unclassified systems. Apr 02, 2012 in some cases, a defendant may threaten to disclose classified information in an effort to gain leverage. Classified information procedures act michael waddington. Standard markings are required for all documents that contain originally classified.

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