Ta instruments ar1500ex rheometer software

Designed with the customer in mind, and backed by the superior customer support, which is the hallmark of ta instruments, these rheometers have set a new standard for performance. Witness continuous, unattended automated testing of rubber polymers and compounds with the worlds highest performing rheometers. Wintest is a highperformance software package that is used to operate all ta electroforce mechanical test instruments. A rheometer is a precision instrument that contains the material of interest in a geometric configuration, controls the environment around it, and applies and measures wide ranges of stress, strain, and strain rate. Purchasers are granted a license to use these software programs on the module and controller with which they were purchased. We recommend that you contact an equipnet sales representative to set up your own inspection. Ta instruments operating software, as well as module, data analysis, and utility software and their associated manuals and online help, are proprietary and ed by ta instruments. The result is the most advanced, versatile rheometer platform imaginable. Deformation and flow are referred to as strain or strain rate, respectively, and indicate the distance over which a body moves under the influence of an external force, or stress. Ta instruments rheometer rheology is the study of flow and deformation of materials.

Mcr302 rheometer get started aunchalee aussanasuwannakul. Ta instruments proudly introduces you to smartswap, an exciting feature on every discovery hybrid rheometer. The dhr features all popular ta innovations including patented smart swap tm geometries and the widest range of smart swap temperature systems and accessories commercially available. Bid service, llc video demo\product inspection ta instruments arn rheometer. Ta instruments rheometer, model ar1500ex, sn 7h3477.

Erste schritte mit dem ar rheometer ta instruments. The hr3 is the pinnacle of the discovery hybrid rheometer family. Ta instruments ar1500ex rheometer surplus solutions. The discovery hybrid rheometers are designed for scientists who need to obtain better rheological data, under the widest range of measurement conditions, collected by more users, with less training. The ta instruments ar1500ex rheometer is an advanced controlled stress, strain, and rate rheometer. This excellent intelligent technology instantly recognizes geometries and. Discovery hybrid rheometer quick start etraining course ta instruments. Ta instruments bemuht sich um hochwertige softwareprodukte.

Equipment the ta instruments ar1500ex rheometer cpi. Anton paars new rheocompass software, the most innovative stateoftheart. Overflow registrations for tga, dma, dsc and rheology online training sessions. Ta instruments invites you to experience the latest innovations in rotational shear rheometers, the discovery hybrid rheometer hr 10, hr 20, and hr 30. Ta instruments has the worlds most versatile platform for rheological measurements. This calls for a navigation tool that gives users the complete overview as well as the exact insights they require. Our exciting new rheometers are fifth generation products from the pioneer of controlled stress rheology. Explore smartswap for the discovery hybrid rheometer. Trios for tts and plotting 3100 3200 3300 3500 5500 testbench systems planar biaxial 5100 biodynamic 5200 biodynamic multiaxial peripheral stent durapulse sgt durapulse hvt multispecimen fatigue dental wear simulation. Trios software and extreme testing flexibility important new feature of.

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