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Here you will find our large collection of yaoi doujinshi manga. Oi, this is my first anime based fan fiction so bare with me people. Hunting down every last kakuzu x hidan djs and fanfic i havent read yet. Read 6 galleries with character hidan on nhentai, a hentai doujinshi and manga reader. Hidan learns about yaoi, a naruto fanfic fanfiction. I know i labled this blog as just yoai,but this is some kakuhidasmutt for real. What do you usually do when looking for doujinshi from a certain circleartist. Kakuzu x hidan, if you dont like this kind of stuff dont read n. If theres a doujin youre searching for, let me know and ill try my best to find it. Never thought about it before, but hidan makes an awesome woman. See more ideas about akatsuki, naruto, hidan and kakuzu. Read rauhreif body buddy parta naruto english hentai. Hoshi no sumu machi the street where the suspect lives pairing.

Im so sorry i liked this filler a lot old men, troll. Comedy, doujinshi, drama, mature, shotacon, shounen ai, yaoi autor. Im going to share a collection of yaoi doujins, so if you dont like yaoiboys love, i suggest you to leave for your own safety. His mind was still racing with the events that had just occurred and his heart rate still hadnt come down. Naruto kakuzu x hidan kakuhida naruto kakuzu, naruto shippuden, akatsuki, manga. Shingeki no kyojin dj ookiku natta heichou to akai ribbon eng author. First, i thought about writing kakuzu and how he might have initially felt despair when his village betrayed him and served him up some. Plus is super funny and i enjoyed the read very much. Naruto kakuzu x hidan kakuhida naruto kakashi, naruto anime, naruto teams. Startled, kakuzu turned his head to hidan who had towel in his hand, now completely uncovered.

Yaoi naruto hidan x kakuzu naruto kakuzu, madara uchiha, sasunaru. As a member of a modern criminal organization, hidan seems to be able to make his way out on a couple of missions. Theyre like the epitome of the power angst couple who eats other angst pairings for snacks wtf. Kakuzus point of viewpoem on hidan acting like a child and challenging him. Hier ein paar doujinshis mit anderen kleinen bildern dazu. On archive of our own ao3, users can make profiles, create works and other content, post comments, give kudos, create collections and bookmarks. This was admittedly my first kakuzu x hidan doujinshi, and im glad it was for various reasons. Basically the uncanny situation of kakuzu taking drastic measures to make sure hidan understands the meaning of being an adult in his own way. Rauhreif body buddy parta naruto english by admin updated on april 6, 2017 april 6, 2017 anal doujinshi english hidan inoue yuki kakuzu males only naruto rape rauhreif scar sweating translated yaoi. Hidan grinned and swirled away carefree, resuming his singing, the song very much stuck in his head. Warning will have graphic pics of yoai and or anything kukahida. Im too hot kisame found himself staring at both for a good while as kakuzu stood there at lack of the words with now red and sore asscheek. Hidan and zabuza naruto kakashi, naruto shippuden, boruto, anime neko, manga.

He does not like having a partner because he is prone to violent outbursts in battle that have claimed the lives of his partners, however his new partner is special. Sakura gets captured by itachi and kisame in attempt to lure naruto out of the village and capture him. Blood, violence, language i saw that there was a challenge for despair in a totally unrelated comm. Hidans feet thankfully were the most responsive part of him right now. Browse 11,424 characters on nhentai, a hentai doujinshi and manga reader. Sanekazura no uta poem of the scalet kazura pairing. Spinning around on his heels, he raced towards the exit of the village, down. Hot towel hidan x kakuzu naruto shippuden one shots. Here, you will become captivated by mouthwatering dialogue and drool over the wide variety of sexy guys who are sure to take your breath away. See more ideas about anime, anime guys and shounen ai. By joining the beta, you will get access to experimental features, at the risk of encountering bugs and issues. Read kakuhidan from the story galeria akatsuki yaoi by corierose cristal music. If you have any requests send my a quick message and ill write one for.

English download tokyo yabanjin barbarian in tokyo title. So guys, i already have a couple doujinshi in my collection,but im looking for alot more. Kakuzu looked up from his book briefly, but then returned to it, having no interest in hidans question. Pokapoka kusa, pokapokasou, saeki mika na motivy animemangy. Akatsukianime guysfanfictionotpnarutotwo by twofan art characteranime. Men bang, a casual homoerotic game by nutaku satisfies a fantasy that many have thought about, allowing you to become an adultfilm producer in the fictional world of pornwood. Its my first amv, so its not the best in the world, but i hope you like it. Sasori x ocyumiko hisui lemon levi x oc kakuzu x gang leader reader. Kakuzu, hidan, and their epic bitchy love livejournal. Hidan stood for a moment at the doorway, but then came in and shut the door rather gently. Rauhreif body buddy parta naruto english by admin on november 21, 2016 november 21, 2016 anal doujinshi english hidan inoue yuki kakuzu males only naruto rauhreif scar sweating translated yaoi. Rauhreif naruto dj body buddy partb eng rauhreif naruto dj shinigami no hatsukoi kr rauhreif naruto dj aniki no yome the bosss wife kr. Sakura tries to escape but gets trapped in itachis sharingan. Why the hell are there so little content about these two.

Rauhreif four seasons naruto dj eng myreadingmanga. So erm, there is lemon, cursing, and yaoi yaoi yaoi. I think i might always picture him this way from now on. Just because i enjoyed how romantic and sweet kakuzu is in this manga with the female hidan. See more ideas about doujinshi, akatsuki and naruto. You need an account, but then youve got access to thousands. This is a madapeinita with the implication of nagato fanfiction, taking place in an au it still takes place in the naruto universe where the akatsuki are a powerful criminal organisation that actually managed to. The doujinshi by them that i have is renai shirigaku, and it is a really beautiful death note dj, i know they did another one called pieces of the moon but i cant find it anywhere to download. Read deaths first love and other yaoi, shota, and furry comics and doujinshi online for free. Theres lots of kuroshitsuji, durarara, and naruto doujinshi, especially with the pairings you requested although youll have to find them within the many naruto or kuroshitsuji or drrr doujinshi listed. Ive been bawling my eyes out for these two since like last week. Anime naruto naruto kakashi naruto shippuden manga anime naruto kakuzu naruto comic hidan and kakuzu sasori and deidara narusasu read when you nurse him back to health from the story akatsuki boyfriend scenarios completed by zombielover8469 with 4,621 reads.

Here are my random little thoughts of naruto i have. I saw a couple of the manga on ebay some that are not translated,but i may be more than will to buy such manga and have them translated. Love in stitches hidan x kakuzu chapter 1 the walk, a. Kakuzu wondered at this for a moment, since hidan usually slammed the doors open and shut as loud as he could. Read and other yaoi, shota, and furry comics and doujinshi online for free. Kakuzu survives a life threatening battle, hidan realizes his feelings for kakuzu after almost losing him. Hidan x ockakuzu x oc pein x reader deidara x uchiha reader. Myreadingmanga is completely free paid for by advertisers, purely for information purposes only. As a witness, kakuzu, hidans partner and an experienced member, found it unbelievably stupid yet. Animephile is the premier japanese hentai and yaoi website on the internet. Yaoi, bara manga, yaoi anime, gay movie and doujinshi online. After hidan finds out his partners relationship with another man, everything changes between them.

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